21-Day Adventure

Click on the links below to hear about the 21-Day Challenge. Small groups began meeting September 13, 2017.

Leo Tyler – 21-Day Adventure training session; September 6, 2017
Leo Tyler – 21-Day Adventure session #2; September 20, 2017
Leo Tyler – 21-Day Adventure session #3; September 27, 2017
Leo Tyler – 21-Day Adventure session #4; October 4, 2017

Day 1 – Chris Radke
Day 2 – Dr. Shana Mesha

“I received a copy of The 21-Day Adventure the first time I met Pastor Leo at an SPRC meeting. He gave a spiral bound copy to Greg Ford. I asked if I could read it first and he gave it to me. The Adventure is designed for a small group over several weeks. I continued on my own.

Step 1 and the first 3 days were pretty dry and I was wondering where this was going – that changed as I continued. Step 2 gets into the substance of the experience … finding your true identity.

I went through a divorce when my son was about 13. The divorce became ugly and the settlement took about 5 years. During that time, my son lived with his mother and supported her side of whatever issue was taking place. I was never disappointed with this because I had raised him to support his mother … he was doing exactly what I wanted him to do. By the time the divorce was over, he was off to college.

I always felt like I was a bad father by not being there for my son during those difficult years for any young man. It ate at me and I became convinced I was a bad father because I was a bad person. Although I saw him frequently, I just knew he also thought I was a bad father and a bad person. Through the rest of the Adventure, it became clear I was God’s creation and He doesn’t make bad people. I am completely forgiven for those mistakes and any shortcomings that resulted from them are also forgiven.

I can now spend time with my son knowing I may have regrets but I am not a terrible person. This allows me to make our time together truly “quality” without the constant agonizing thoughts that I’m a bad person. I no longer feel guilty for what happened … I have been completely forgiven and it feels good after carrying the burden of that guilt for 35 years.”

~ Millard Brogan (BCUMC Member)