Join us for Worship


Why did God create us? He is God and he didn’t need for anything, but he created us for a reason – worship. We were simply made to worship Him. God created us and initiated a relationship with us, and as part of that relationship, we actively express in word and action our response to him with worship. But worship becomes even more powerful when its done as a group. When we have the opportunity to share our lives and worship with each other, we build each other up, we hold each other accountable, and that helps keep us from stumbling. But we do stumble and, when we do, there is a hand there to help pick us back up and show us God’s presence on this earth.

Worship is not about us and what we want in a “service.” It’s about God and what he wants as we worship Him. We have several different worship services that are described below so that you can express your worship of God as we celebrate faith, build community, and serve the world – together.

If you are called to be part of the team that helps lead us in worship, either in the Choir or Worship Bands, we welcome you to participate. There is ALWAYS room for more! Visit our Choir and Band pages for more information. Or, if you are interested in the technical production of our services, we would love to have more help in those areas as well.

See our worship times in the footer below.

In all of our services, we encourage you to bring children to worship, but if you prefer, nursery or Sunday School is available.