Bible Studies

Bible Study is an essential part of our Christian Discipleship. How are we to know the right way to react to or influence events that happen in our lives without having spent some time reading the manual? We can see the injustices and inequities in our world and choose to just sit and watch those things happen, or we can study what God’s Word has to say about it and make some decisions to act! We have various different Bible Studies always going on. Some are general in nature, others are geared toward Men or Women. Find the one that is right for you.


Would you like to grow another step in your journey as a child of God? Rob Fuquay explores what Jesus meant when he said, “I am the Bread of Life; the Light of the World: the seven I-Ams in The Gospel of John. Come study these with us and learn about The God We Can Know beginning on February 1, 2017, continuing through March 15, 2017. Time: 10:00 – 11:30am in FLC 101. Facilitator will be Virginia Garner. Study books are available in the office for $10. Please purchase one before class starts and read Chapter 1 before coming to class.


As Christians, we are not promised lives of ease. Often it takes just a small moment of beauty to regain hope and continue on when life is chaotic and unpredictable. Only when we learn to spot the lovely in the midst of hardship can we experience the transcendent peace of God that keeps us persevering when we want to give up.
In this 7-session Bible study, Annie F. Downs examines the ordinary people of the Bible—fishermen, gardeners, women, soldiers—to reveal the moments they found beauty in the darkest circumstances and hope in God’s timing. Because they trusted in this: He makes everything beautiful in His time.

Join us in Room 102 of the Family Life Center.  5:00 to 6:30 pm. February 26 through March 12.

To register for these Bible Studies, please use the forms above or call the church office, 281.463.2330. Childcare is available by reservation. You will not regret your decision to participate in Bible Study!