Connecting God’s littlest children to Christ by embracing the strengths of families and the church.

Birth – 2 Years

Childcare is provided on Sundays during all services.

Nursery Information

The Nursery is located on the first floor in the Family Life Center, directly across from the Worship Center. There you will find our trained childcare providers ready to greet you and your children!

Nursery Policies

All parents or caretakers of children participating in nursery must complete a Child Registration form.  This will be kept in the nursery for one year. Please inform the nursery staff of any changes that may occur throughout the year. 

A dual check in process is used to ensure safe child drop off and pick up. A sign in sheet and tablet will be located near the door. Prior to admittance, the sign in sheet must be completed with the child’s name, age, parent locations, allergy alerts, and pick up time. The nursery staff/volunteer will assist you with the electronic portion of check in. 

After completing sign in, the child and parent/caretaker will each be issued a sticker label with matching codes. These must be worn at all times and are required to be shown at pick up. Children will only be released to the adult wearing the matching guardian tag, or to an adult whose name is listed as ‘authorized to pick up’ on the child’s registration form on file. If the parent dropping the child off is not the parent/caretaker picking the child up, please notify the nursery staff of this change as soon as possible. 

All items brought into the nursery must be labeled with the child’s name. This includes diaper bags, bottles, cups, blankets, stuffed animals, or anything else your child might need during their visit. 


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