Top Four Church Choir Myths People Accept as True

  1. You must read music notation.  MYTH!
    • Many singers don’t read music and learn the songs by ear.
    • Songs are rehearsed for several weeks.  Recordings of the songs are often available on YouTube or record the song on your phone during rehearsal so you can practice at home
  2. You must sing like Zach and Hailee and Sean.  MYTH!
    • All  singers in the choir are important contributors to the sound of the choir.  A variety of voice colors are necessary in every choir. 
    • The beautiful, unified sound of the full choir is always our goal – every voice blending into one.
  3. Choir rehearsals are long, tedious, and nerve-wracking.    MYTH!
    • Rehearsal is every Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:00pm.
    • We rehearse the hymns and the song for Sunday.  Then we rehearse songs for future Sundays.
    • No one is singled out or forced to sing by themselves in front of the choir. NEVER!
    • Sean always tells funny teacher stories.  You should come just to hear the stories!
    • Rehearsal is relaxed and fun.
  4. Choir members are aloof, unfriendly to new members, and reluctant to help you.  MYTH!!
    • We welcome singers who join us for rehearsal.  Sean will make sure you have music and a seat in the appropriate place. 
    • We are a family in the best way.  During rehearsals we share praises, prayer requests, and lift both to God in prayer.  We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant events in the lives of our members.
    • We help each other learn our songs and improve our singing.  We encourage each other.
    • We are a small group studying God’s word and praising Him through the melodies and texts of our songs. 

The Bear Creek Chancel Choir is your opportunity to belong to a fun faith family and a fellowship group, to sing God’s praises, and to participate in a ministry that blesses our worshipers every week.  Come join us!  Email Sean Jackson for information:  Join us this Wednesday!