At Bear Creek UMC there are numerous opportunities for adults to be involved in the life of our church. We offer Adult Sunday School classes at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m., Bible studies on Sunday evenings and Wednesday mornings & evenings, and many other ways to experience the love of God through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Adult Sunday School Classes
Sunday school is an important facet of the Church’s life. But it’s not just for the kids! Adults have a great time, too. In the smaller group, friendships are formed and relationships are built. As busy as we all are, when we commit an hour per week for worship and another hour for study on Sunday, it can make such a difference in the rest of our week! Remember the old saying, “Try it, you’ll like it!?” It really applies to Sunday school.

Bible Study is an essential part of our Christian Discipleship. How are we to know the right way to react to or influence events that happen in our lives without having spent some time reading the manual? We can see the injustices and inequities in our world and choose to just sit and watch those things happen, or we can study what God’s Word has to say about it and make some decisions to act! We have various different Bible Studies always going on. Some are general in nature, others are geared toward Men, Women, or Youth. Find the one that is right for you.